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APA Format

APA Template for Microsoft Word

Try out the free Microsoft Word paper template formatted for APA Style. This is a great tool to help you remember the components of your APA-style paper. Take a look at a sample paper to see an example.

Access the Microsoft Word Template for APA Style


Log in with your Lesley Outlook e-mail credentials, and you can access and work in this template online through Onedrive, or download it to your computer.

  1. Click the "Open in Word Online" button.
  2. Click "Sign in with a work or school account," and log in with your my Lesley username as password."
  3. The APA style template will be saved to your OneDrive account. Click "Continue" to open it and begin working.
  4. To format your running heads, click on "View" and select "Header and Footer" to see the template. Type in your title in place of the bracketed example. Note that there is an option to format the running head for your first page and a different option for "Other Pages." Make sure you format the header correctly (the format is different!) for the first page and for the subsequent pages of your paper.
Note: TEST THIS TEMPLATE to make sure you are comfortable with it and understand how it works BEFORE you use it to write your paper!

Creating Headers in the APA WordTemplate

Click "First Page" and edit the [TITLE] field so that it shows your paper title.

Then, click "Other Pages" and edit the [TITLE] field again to achieve the appropriate running head for subsequent page.

No need to do anything to the page number field--<#>. Word will format that for you!

Creating Hanging Indents in the APA Word Template

1. On the "Home" tab, look at the Paragraph section.

2. The hanging indent option is circled--click the dropdown arrow and choose "Hanging Indent." Then you can format all your reference automatically, with the second line indented, per APA style guidelines.

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