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Expressive Therapies

Searching for Research

Try these keywords in database searches:

  • focus group
  • case study
  • interview
  • qualitative
  • portfolio assessment
  • "this study"
  • program evaluation

Academic Search Premier: Search the database

     Sample Search: art therapy and focus groups

ProQuest Education Journals: Search the database

     Sample Search: music therapy and case studies

PyscINFO: Search the database

     Sample Search: dance therapy and program evaluation

     Sample Search: creative arts therapy and (interviews or focus groups or case studies)

Mental Measurements Yearbook: Search the database

     Sample Search: leadership and evaluation

Program Evaluation Web Links

Grant Writing Web Links

"The [grant] proposal does not stand alone. It must be part of a process of planning and of research on, outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors.” (The Foundation Center)

Grant Writing Books

Corporate Giving

Many corporations have Community Outreach grants & foundations. Some examples are:

Evaluating Web Sites

You be the Judge!


Criteria for judging Web sites for academic use:

1. Author's credentials & affiliation

2. Purpose of the site (educational or commercial?)

3. Bias (sponsorship, language, or images)

4. Currency (kept up-to-date)

5. References to sources of information

For more, see the Searchpath tutorial, Module 5.

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