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Global Studies

Finding Books

Try these words:

  • "Global Health"
  • World Health
  • Public Health
  • "Medical Geography"
  • Japan? and health
  • AIDS and Africa


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FLO Catalog search tips:

-Put quotation marks around terms that are more than one word for an exact match: "climatic changes"

-Use a question mark to truncate your search terms: Child? retrieves child, children, childhood, etc.

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Featured Journal

Globalization and Health is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that addresses key issues in global health

Finding Articles

To find articles on a topic related to Global Health, search the library databases

General Databases:

Specialized Databases:



Use AND and OR to make database searches more effective, for example:

  • education AND poverty
  • teenagers OR adolescents
  • history AND (Native Americans OR American Indians)

Featured Books

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