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Test Collection Guide

How to Cite an Assesment in APA Style

The APA's Publication Manual includes a general template for citing "data sets, software, measurement instruments, and apparatus" (p. 210), which can be adapted for citing assessments.  The basic format looks like this:

Rightsholder, A.A. (Year). Title of instrument [Description of form]. Location:      Name of producer.

For most of the assessments in the library's collection, you will have an individual or individuals named as authors, so their name should go in the author position. 

Here is a sample citation for the WISC-IV:

Wechsler, D., Kaplan, E., Fein, D., Kramer, J., Morris, R., Delis, D., & Maelender, A.      (2003). Wechsler intelligence scale for children: Fourth edition  (WISC-IV)      [Assessment instrument]. San Antonio, TX; Pearson.

How Cite a Review from the Mental Measurements Yearbook

When you are citing a review from the Mental Measurements Yearbook, you are essentially citing a chapter from an edited, online reference book.  The APA Publication Manual has a format for that! (See p. 202).  You'll need to adapt this format slightly to make it clear that you are citing a review of something--note the use of square brackets in the title field.

Author, A.A. & Author, B.B. (Year). [Review of Assessment Title]. In A. Editor,      B. Editor, and C. Editor (Eds.), Edition of the mental measurements yearbook      [Database]. Retrieved from http://xxxxxxxxxxx

To find the edition of the Mental Measurements Yearbook in which the review was published, look at the detailed record for the review in the database, and find the Yearbook Reference field. There, you will find the edition number and the names of the editors of that edition. 

To find the names of the reviewers, look at the Reviewers field in the detailed record for the review.

Here's a sample reference, for a review of the WISC-IV:

Maller, S. and Thompson, B. (2005). [Review of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale      for Children, Fourth Edition]. In R. A. Spies & B. S. Plake (Eds.), The sixteenth      mental measurements yearbook. Retrieved from         AN=test.2773&site=ehost-live&scope=site

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