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Sociology of Family CSOCL-2402

Dr. Arlene Dallalfar

Searching for Articles on Your Topics

Searching for Articles on Your Topic

Start witih your research question and choose the significant words in that title - keywords. Best to choose nouns.

In journal and e-book databases, you can refine your topic much more than in the library catalog.Advanced Search is helpful for more precise searching.

  • Use two nouns with AND to narrow the search to a specific title.
  • Use two terms with OR to search for similar terms.
  • Use * to find variant endings - Haiti* = Haiti, Haitien, Haitiens


breadwinner OR stay-at-home
gender roles OR family roles

teen* mothers
mother's educational attainment

Search Tips

Searchpath Library Tutorial - Sharpen Your Research Skills

Searchpath opening page

  • Module 2: Choosing a Topic - how to refine your search for better results.
  • Module 4: Finding Articles - how to search a library database

Article Databases

To find ARTICLES, try searching the library databases.

Featured Journals

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