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Human Development Across the Lifespan -- GEXTH 6032

Michaela Kirby, Professor

Selected Readings

Ferguson, W. J. & Goosman, E. (1991).  A foot in the door: Art therapy in the nursing home. American Journal of Art Therapy, 30(1), 2-3.

Onedera, J. D., & Stickle, F. (2008).  Healthy aging in later life.  The Family Journal, 16(1), p73-77. doi: 10.1177/1066480707309610

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Steward, E. G. (2004). Art therapy and neuroscience blend: Working with patients who have dementia.  Art Therapy, 21(3), 148-155. doi: 10.1080/07421656.2004.10129499

Selected Journals

Video: Beyond Words: Art Therapy with Older Adults

Video: 56 Ways of Saying I Don't Remember

"Alan Berliner explores memory and forgetting in this short experimental documentary about his cousin Edwin Honig — a poet, translator and professor — and his journey through Alzheimer’s disease."( from New York Times website 9/16/2013)

Books & Chapters

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