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Media Resources from the Library

Streaming Video Databases

Academic Video Online: Premium

A multidisciplinary collection of over 44,00 videos that allows cross-searching across all subjects or searching within selected disciplines. Most videos include interactive transcripts and the ability to create custom clips and playlists (with account).

Films on Demand (FMG)

A select collection of approximately 22 titles of mostly education videos, as well as some arts, social issue and research titles. Includes individual chapters and an option to create clips and playlists (with account). All videos include a closed caption option and interactive transcripts.

Kanopy Streaming Media

Kanopy Streaming Media is a streaming video service provider that hosts multiple collections:

Media Education Foundation (Hosted by Kanopy Streaming Media)

A collection of approximately 78 online videos focusing on media literacy, gender, and race, especially looking at representations in the media. Includes the option to make custom clips and playlists (with account). Some videos include interactive transcripts and a closed caption option.

Videatives Early Childhood Clips

Features over 200 short video clips of young children (0-7) in various educational settings. Includes the option to create playlists and link to individual clips or playlists. Some include closed captioning.

Finding Media in our Catalogs

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You can enter a video title or the word "videorecording" with your search term and limit to Lesley University to find videos and DVDs at the Sherrill Library and Moriarty.  Advanced search will provide additional options to narrow your search.


Or access our media catalog!

This catalog searches only the videos and DVDs located at the Sherrill Library. Moriarty videos can be found by searching the FLO catal

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