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Media Resources from the Library



CLICK ON THE ICON BELOW TO ACCESS THE ENTIRE COLLECTION FROM KANOPY Opening this link will take you out of this Research Guide and into the Kanopy database. You will need to use the back arrow in order to return to this guide.


Faculty - Linking in Blackboard

1. Open BlackBoard and go to the Content Area where you want to place the link 2. In the Build Content dropdown click on "Web Link"
3. Give the Link a name - typically the title of the video
4. Paste the url in the url text box (see Finding Library URLs below) 
5. If you want to you may add information about it in the Descriptions box
6. In Options click both"Permit Users to View Content" and"Open in New Window"
Click "Submit"

Locate a link to add to Blackboard

  • Locate the video you wish to link to and click on the link.
  • Copy the link in the address bar and put the proxy prefix  in front of it.
  • Paste the entire link in your course.
  • In order to create a playlist/clip see box below.


Creating Custom Playlists and Clips

Click here for instructions from Kanopy on how to create playlists and clips in this database.

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