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Faculty - Linking in Blackboard


How to Link to Academic Video Online: Premium in Blackboard

1. Open BlackBoard and go to the Content Area where you want to place the link
2. In the Build Content dropdown click on "Web Link"
3. Give the Link a name - typically the title of the video
4. Paste the url in the url text box and be sure that the proxy prefix has been added. (see locating link URLs below) 
5. If you want to you may add information about it in the Descriptions box
6. In Options click both "Permit Users to View Content" and "Open in New Window"7. Click "Submit"

Directions below apply to ALL Academic Video Online Premium collections.

To locate link URL to individual videos in these collections:

  •    Search for a video in the main collection or a subject sub-collection
  •     Click on the chosen video
  •     Look for "Embed/Link" below the video and click it
  •     Copy the permalink that appears and put it in your myLesley course (the proxy prefix should already appear in the link)
  •     See above for how to link in Blackboard
  •     You can also use the embed option and copy the embed code into your myLelsey course using the html option, but linking is recommended due to functionality and browser security issues.

To locate link URL to video clips in these collections:

  •     Search for a video in the main collection or a subject sub-collection
  •     Click on the chosen video
  •     If you've created a clilp, find it under the "Clips" menu to the right of the video
  •     Find the "</>" icon and click it.
  •     Copy the link that appears and put it into your myLesley course.
  •     See above for how to link to Blackboard

Custom Playlists

  • You must be signed in to share content from AVON's products, and links you post to content may not work for those who are not product subscribers.
  • You can sign in using the link at the top right of any page to sign in.
  • You can use the checkbox beside any item on a search results page or player page to select it. The item will appear highlighted, and you can now add it to a playlist or citation list.
  • You can view your selected items by clicking the “Cite” link below the header on any page. This will take you to a list of your selected items. On this page, you have access to many options for saving or sharing your list of selected items in a variety of formats.
  • Format - Format your list to a standard expected by your institution or professor. Options include: APA, Harvard, Chicago, and MLA 6 and 7. You can also leave your list in the brief display format used by ASP products.
  • Export - Export your list to a number of popular citation storage sites and programs.
  • Email - Email your list to yourself, your classmates, or anyone else interested in the fruits of your research. You can also add descriptive text.
  • Save - Save your list as a pdf for later use.
  • Print - Print your list in a printer-friendly format.
  • Share - Share a link to your list on Facebook, Twitter, or many other sites with a brief description.
  • Add to playlist - add your selected items to a new or existing playlist.

Creating Custom Clips

Clips and Bookmarks

This platform offers two types of clip functionality, which you can use depending on your needs. Both require you to log in as a registered user before saving.

  • A clip is a small section of a video, album, or image which can be used to highlight a specific portion of the content. Clips are highly configurable. You can choose what to call your clip, how long to make it, and who to share it with in the clip making tool.
  • A bookmark is a quick way of marking your place in a video or album (like a bookmark in a book). When you create a bookmark, you are creating a clip with a starting point at your bookmark position and an end point at the end of the video. When you click the bookmark icon in the player, you'll see a message pop up confirming your bookmark has been saved with a default Bookmark name. You can then choose to modify your bookmark like any other clip, either when you create it or at a later date. You'll be able to access it via the Clips link in the main menu or on the video page.
Google Analytics Usage

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