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Lesley Library InfoLit Modules

What are the Lesley Library InfoLit Modules?

The Lesley Library InfoLit Modules are a six-part program from Credo Reference tailored for Lesley students that provide high quality, ACRL-aligned instructional materials to help librarians deepen the quality of student instruction on research strategies and techniques. With a number of high-quality videos, tutorials, and quizzes, the InfoLit Modules are ideal for supplementing existing lessons, for “one shot” library instructional sessions, and for addressing gaps in classroom or online teaching.¹

What are the Benefits?

By incorporating the Lesley Library InfoLit Modules into your classroom, you can:

  • Free up classroom time with ready-made materials for subject-specific instruction
  • Increase retention through stronger information literacy skills
  • Get students up to date on Lesley-specific academic policies
  • Offer ADA compliant resources
  • Prepare for and supplement library instructional sessions┬╣

What are the Lessons?

The Lesley Library InfoLit Modules offer a brief but concise collection of modules that cover a number of aspects of information literacy. It has been modified to better suit the needs of Lesley's faculty and students by supplementing the informational literacy sessions provided by Lesley's Research & Instruction Librarians. While it is not meant to replace the sessions themselves, the Lesley Library InfoLit Modules seek to address topics that the sessions may not have time to effectively cover during class.

The topics addressed are:

  • The importance of information literacy
  • Types and methods of categorizing sources
  • Search techniques and tools
  • How to read scholarly materials
  • Citations
  • Academic integrity

1. "InfoLit Modules," Credo: Building Information Skills for Lifelong Success, accessed December 4, 2017.

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