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Lifespan Development CPSYC-1401 Lesley College: Lifespan Articles

Dr. Carol Streit, professor, Lesley College

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Database Searching

PsycINFO (Psychology): Search the database

1. Topic: "effects on childhood development of things such as divorce, single-parent families, gay and lesbian parenting"

    Sample Search - limit with AND - childhood development AND divorce

2. Topic: "impact of various parenting behaviors on child development "

    Sample Search with truncation: parent* behavior AND child* development

    Narrow to specific behavior such as "spanking".

3. Topic: "comparison of child-rearing practices in different cultures"

    Sample Search using subject terms: child rearing practices AND cross-cultural differences

4. Topic: "findings from twin studies of the relative importance of biology in personality development"

     Sample Search: twin studies AND personality development

ERIC (Education): Search the database

Sample Search: achievement gap

Limit with AND: achievement gap AND ...

Health Reference Center: Search the database

Sample Search with OR and AND : (disease* OR health) AND child development


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