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Online Test Research Resources

This research guide is designed to guide students who are enrolled in online assessment courses to relevant library resources.

Search for test reviews in Mental Measurements Yearbook

MMY artworkMental Measurements Yearbook (EBSCO)  

  • Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is a comprehensive guide to over 2,700 tests in psychology, education, business, and leadership.
  • Includes assessments published from 1938 to the present.
  • Access MMY here or through myLesley--click on Databases by Name to find in on the alphabetical list.

Search MMY for detailed descriptions and evaluations of assessments.

Follow the links below to view sample searches. You will be asked to login to myLesley.

Search for test reviews and studies in scholarly journals

EBSCOhost logoSearch these databases for journal articles with critical reviews of tests and their uses:

ERIC (EBSCO) - education - Search the database

   Sample Search: KeyMath or Key Math

   Sample Search: autis* and intelligence tests

PsycINFO (EBSCO) - psychology - Search the database

    Sample Search: Beck anxiety inventory and (test validity or test reliability)

   Sample Search: Suicide and depression and risk assessment

Combined Search - PsycINFO and ERIC - what's this? See "Search Combined Databases" below.

   Sample Search:  culture-free self-esteem inventories

   Sample Search: personality measures and adolescen*


Note: choose the thesaurus in ERIC or PsycINFO (upper left of screen) and type "tests" to see a long list of terms that could be used to search for articles on tests and testing.

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