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A Lesley LibGuides Guide

A "How to" space for reference and support while you're developing your own guides.

Things That Can't Change

  • Page Header/Navigation Menu
  • Page Footer
  • Number of columns
  • Side menu navigation
  • Image in author box is always there; if you don't upload an image, it says "No Image"

Things That Can Change

  • Name, URL and description of the Guide 
  • Name and number pages
  • Name, number and type of boxes
  • Arrangement of boxes

What are all these things?

The box in the upper right hand corner:

  • "Guide Functions" you can use - Change title of guide, add or edit tags, add or change editors, look at your usage stats for this guide, switch the page comments on or off.  (You can't really change font, colors or layout)
  • "Preview" will open another window or tab to show you what your page looks like
  • "Go to MyAdmin" will take you to the admin home page - it seems that you have to mouse around to find the exact clickable spot
  • "Sign out"


  • Add a new page (actually a new tab within the guide) - You can creat a new tab at this level or a sub-tab for one of the existing tabs.  See Karen's or Robyn's pages for examples
  • Change page name - All guides start out with one tab called "Home"; you can change this name or any other tab names
  • Delete a page
  • Reorder pages - move the tabs into a different order
  • Copy page from another guide - lets you select another Lesley guide and then select a specific tab/page from that guide and copies it to your guide

Page options:

  • Reorder boxes - Let's you move boxes around within or among columns (except for the Author box which is always in the upper right hand column).  You can also move boxes to another page in your guide.
  • Disable page comments - Anyone who views your page can make a comment.  If you don't want comments, you can turn this off.