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A Lesley LibGuides Guide

A "How to" space for reference and support while you're developing your own guides.

Include in All Guides

  • Every guide and every page in every guide should have the "Library & Research Help" box below the menu in the left column. It's the first box on the Copy These Boxes page of this guide:
  • One page guides are not recommended if you have a lot of content or text. Create more pages. If you need ideas for how to re-organize and group boxes on to new pages, please contact LibApps admin Sam Quiñon.

Submenus and Navigation

  • All pages on guides must have submenu navigation enabled to show the box titles underneath the page name in the left-side menu. Enabling submenu navigation for any page, will apply submenus to your entire guide, not just that page.
  • If a page only has one box, then you can and should hide the submenu on that page. To do this, add the "Hide Menu Thingy" Widget anywhere on the page-- in the same box or a new one. Select "Reuse Existing Widget" to map to correct asset.

Fonts, Headings, and Subheadings

  • Do not change your guide's font from the default.
  • Don't get carried away with headings and subheadings in boxes. Too many it could get confusing for users.
  • If your fonts don't match the default, access the source code for the box with the rogue font. In the html, remove the style tags. If you are uncomfortable with html, copy and paste the nonconforming font into a text editor, then copy and paste it back into LibGuides to remove the formatting.
  • If you use HTML, use the <em> tag to italicize and the <strong> tag to make text bold.
  • If you are comfortable with CSS, you can customize the font-weight

Profile Box

  • The profile box isn't mandatory.
  •  It should be called "Guide Author"
  • It should be below the "Library & Research Help" box in the left column.
  • Your contact information can have your title
  • There should be some kind of image in your Profile even if it isn't a picture of you.
  • The address you use should be Lesley University, 29 Everett St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

Box Titles

  • When you copy a box, don't give it a new title.
  • The title for all boxes should be done in Title Case where all words are capitalized except for words that consist of fewer than four letters.
  • Use this title when appropriate: @LL Search
  • Use this title when appropriate: Search FLO Catalog. Also use the FLO icon anything FLO related.  See what this looks like here.
  • Use this title when appropriate: Search Journals List
  • Use this title when highlighting specific resources in multiple formats: Featured Resources
  • Use this title when highlighting specific resources in print: Featured Books
  • Use this title when highlighting specific resources in video: Featured Videos


Conventions Within Boxes

  • Boxes linking to a search or discovery widgets should have context. For example, Search FLO Catalog should say something about finding books, DVDs, teaching resources, etc.
  • Links should open in a new window.
  • Write for the web: be concise; use bullets and lists when possible; use infographics, photos, images, and video to break up text; avoid blocks of texts; link out to other sources of information when possible--create context for them instead of summarizing the resource's content.
  • Expect that users won't read your material. They will be scanning it first.
  • Link to current material on the web.

‚ÄčAnything featured from the library's collection should be the best, most current resource we have.