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Human Development Across the Lifespan -- GEXTH 6032

Michaela Kirby, Professor

Selected Readings

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Selected Journals


Interview with Frances Jensen on The Teenage Brain

Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains

Video: Inside the Teenage Brain

Inside the Teenage Brain

"In "Inside the Teenage Brain," FRONTLINE chronicles how scientists are exploring the recesses of the brain and finding some new explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do. These discoveries could change the way we parent, teach, or perhaps even understand our teenagers." (Frontline website)

Video: Brainstorm: Debunking the Myths about Adolescence...

Website & Video: How the Teen Brain Transforms Relationships


How the Teen Brain Transforms Relationships  By Daniel Siegel | August 12, 2014
From the Greater Good Science Center website


Video: Brain-Based Therapy with Adolescents

Books & Chapters