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GCOUN 6200 Orientation to Professional Counseling and Psychology

Introduction to APA Style

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, seventh edition is primarily used by educators, editors, students, and researchers to communicate their ideas in a standardized format.

It provides guidance and direction for all aspects of the writing process and is used by disciplines in the business, social sciences, health, and education fields.

There are several official resources online to help you with APA:

The main navigation links will show you how to set up your paper in APA format, and how to properly cite a variety of resources, both in your references list and within your paper using in-text citations.

APA Overview: Seventh Edition from Excelsior Online Writing Lab.

Self-Service Portal: Library Research

Review the Self-Service Portal at the Lesley University Library website.

Research Skills Modules

Lesley University Library is pleased to offer students a new interactive learning experience.  We have developed four stand alone modules that cover skills ranging from the foundations of research, reading research, academic integrity, and citing sources to the specifics of using the Lesley University Library's resources.


Module One:  Foundations of Research

Module Two:  Reading Research 

Module Three:  Academic Integrity & Avoiding Plagiarism

Module Four:  Using Library Resources

Accessible version of RSm Skills here