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   ×     The Lesley Library stands in solidarity with the Black community in condemning systemic racism and police brutality and is committed to the fight for racial justice. If you are interested in resources for learning more, see our growing list here.
P.S. Our library buildings are currently closed as part of Lesley's COVID-19 response, but you can still check out our remote services or Ask Us!

Lesley University Library Remote Services

Linking to Library Material

In order for students to be able to access library content remotely, links to library content must include a permalink, and an EZproxy prefix. A permalink is a stable URL designed to be a long-lasting reference to a web page; the EZproxy prefix routes users through our proxy server that tells vendors to give users access through Lesley.

The easiest way to create a permalink is through @LL Search. Simply search for the title of the resource you want to link to, click on the title of the resource in the results page, navigate to the tool bar on the right-hand side, and select "Permalink," and copy the link that appears. Do not copy the URL from your browser's address bar! This is not a persistent link, and will not work for anyone else you share it with. Check out this screencast for step-by-step guidance:



If you are having difficulties linking to library content, or a link is not working, please ask us!

Searching for Course Material

The easiest way to see if Lesley already has a specific title you are looking for is to do a known item search by entering the name of the resource into @LL Search. This will return eBooks, streaming media, articles, and even databases. If we already own the item, and you wish to link to it, simply click on the title and create a permalink.

For help with @LL Search, try our @LL Search tutorial!

Searching for New Material

To search for new material that can be accessed electronically, the easiest way is to search for your subject terms in @LL Search. Here's how:

  • Type your search terms into @LL Search. Make sure you log in when you're prompted!
  • From the results page, use the "Limit to Format" limiter on the lefthand side.
    • Select "Electronic Resources" for both streaming media and eBooks
    • Select "eBooks" for eBooks, and
    • Select "Video" for streaming media
  • You can also browse through the streaming media databases and eBook databases the Library provides access to.

For streaming media beyond what Lesley offers, you can try looking at streaming media available through the public domain or Creative Commons licenses, such as:

Google Analytics Usage

Lesley University Library uses Google Analytics to capture and analyze web statistics, which uses cookies. No personal information is stored within cookies. See the Google Privacy Center - Privacy Policy to learn more. To opt-out of Google Analytics, you can install an add-on for your browser.

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