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   ×    March 14, 2020: Sherrill and Moriarty Library are CLOSED until further notice as part of the Lesley University COVID-19 response. Please visit us online through our library website and via our Ask-A-Librarian service, and see our Library Remote Services Guide.

Lesley University Library Remote Services


The Lesley Library has a growing collection of eBooks that you can access from anywhere you are, so even if you are far from campus, you can access books on your topic. In order to limit your results in @LL Search to just eBooks, simply use the Limit to Library Location menu on the left column and select Lesley Ebook/Streaming. For more eBook troubleshooting questions, see I have a question about eBooks on the Self-Service Portal.


If you are looking for discipline specific resources, you may want to try searching some of the selections in our databases. You can also search for specific journals by going to our journals list, where you can see publications and the date ranges through which we offer access.

You can also search Google Scholar for articles. By default, Google Scholar will show you what is publicly available through an institutional repository or publisher or author's site, usually by displaying "[PDF]" to the right of the title. You can integrate the access you have to paywalled material as a Lesley student using Library Links, which allows you to combine what you may find through Google with what you can access through Lesley. Google Scholar and @LL Search use slightly different search algorithms, so an article may be higher in the results on one platform than another. By using Library Links, you can maximize what you can discover through Google Scholar.


To find streaming media licensed through Lesley, you can enter your search terms or title in @LL Search and use the Limit to Format box to limit to either Video or Electronic Resources. Video will limit to DVD and streaming media, and Electronic Resources will limit to just streaming media. You can also search our streaming media databases, which have multidisciplinary databses like Academic Video Online, as well as subject specific databases such as the Full Collection and Social Work Collection.

For streaming media beyond what Lesley offers, you can try looking at streaming media available through the public domain or Creative Commons licenses, such as:

Google Analytics Usage

Lesley University Library uses Google Analytics to capture and analyze web statistics, which uses cookies. No personal information is stored within cookies. See the Google Privacy Center - Privacy Policy to learn more. To opt-out of Google Analytics, you can install an add-on for your browser.

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