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2015 Horizon Report.
Research-oriented effort that examines emerging technologies for their potential impact on and use in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in K-12 education.

CAST: Center for Applied Special Technology
A non-profit leader in Universal Design. Open a free account to create digital books, learn from their Universal Design modules, and read research publications.

Inquiry Based Learning Using the Internet: Researches, Resources, Web Quests. Maureen Brown Yoder (Lesley Univ. professor).
Conference Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference for Distance Teaching and Learning, 2005, University of Wisconsin, Madison.


TED Talk - Beware Online "Filter Bubbles"

So you think you control what you see on the Internet? Watch Eli Pariser's TED Talk, "Beware online "filter bubbles".


Game Changers cover

Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies

How can we reach more learners, more effectively, and with greater impact?

New models and new technologies allow us to rethink many of the premises of education—location and time, credits and credentials, knowledge creation and sharing. This e-book is a collection of chapters and case studies from institutions that are finding new ways to change the game in higher education.

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Emerging EdTech

by Kelly Walsh, Director of Institutional Information & Technology at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY.

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Ed Tech News

by Ray Schroeder, University of Illinois Springfield

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