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Sociology of Family CSOCL-2402

Dr. Arlene Dallalfar

Your Topics - Spring 2015

Here are the topics you've chosen as of 2/3/2014.

  1. The Sandwich Generation
  2. Child abuse in families with teen parents
  3. Effects of divorce on families
  4. Parenting from prison
  5. Family relationships and immigration
  6. Immigrant parents
  7. Roles/responsibilities of children in African families living in the U.S.
  8. Parents/Children with disabilities
  9. Military familes
  10. Cross-cultural views of discipline and child-rearing
  11. Biracial families and identity
  12. Single-parent households
  13. Family and media
  14. Homelessness and families
  15. Non-binary gendered families
  16. Drug abuse and families
  17. Sexual abuse in families


You'll want to narrow these topics to explore a specific aspect, such as poverty, discrimination, support, challenges, social class, socioeconomic status, immigrants, for just a few examples.

Or you might narrow them by combining topics: single mothers and addiction; teen pregnancy and abortion; single mothers and divorce; gay families and transracial adoption..

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Background Reading

Search online encyclopedias for background reading on your topic. Articles are written by scholars for university students.

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