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Photography Research

A research guide created for students in the photography program at Lesley University's College of Art & Design.


For in-depth research help, including tips and tools, visit the Art & Design Research Guide, which has links to other LUCAD guides as well (like the Sophomore Concepts course guide)!

For resources to help with finding, citing, and legally using visual media, check out the Visual Media Guide

When doing research, try starting with @LL Search, it searches everything @ Lesley Library, including journal databases, book catalogs, eBook libraries, encyclopedia entries, newspaper articles, and streaming media!

Advanced Search

Are you looking to place a hold on a book from another Boston-area library? Are you only looking for books, and you want to limit your search to one Lesley library? You can still do that in our FLO catalog!


Search Youtube for technique tutorials, like the Wex Photography channel, with featured artist series.
You can also search for specific techniques or computer programs online and add terms like "professional" or "advanced" so that you aren't getting advice for amateur photographers.

Search all the library resources in one place (search box at the top of the page). You'll even find eBooks you can read anywhere, like this one:

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