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Enrollment Link

To receive the enrollment link for your students, please fill out and submit this short form. The link will be generated instantaneously upon submission.

Please be advised that when students enroll into this course, they will need to create a separate account with the Credo platform. Unfortunately, the servers between Lesley and Credo are incompatible, and thus there is no option to register via institution. All students will have to do is complete a short form to create the account. It is advised to use their Lesley email.

At the completion of their course, students will be emailed within 1-2 weeks with a confirmation of their participation. It is advised that students be reminded of this wait period in order to plan accordingly.

When should I use it in my Classroom?

The best time to implement this course would be before any scheduled library instructional session. This helps ensure that students come into each session with a solid foundation of the subjects that will be addressed in each session, which may encourage more participation and thus a more effective lesson. Additionally, since the modules will help to reinforce the basics of information literacy, instructional session time can be spent entirely on preparing students for their upcoming assignments, thus preventing the need for any additional sessions.


To ensure that the Certificates of Completion your students submit to you are authentic, look for the following features:

1. A "Lesley University Library" watermark.
2. Digital signatures of the Dean of Libraries and Head of Research & Instruction.
3. A time-stamp.
4. A note indicating the certification's expiry policy, which states that the certificate is only valid for four years after the date of issuance.
5. The Lesley University logo.
6. The email with the attached certificate must have come from (To verify this, you can ask your students to forward you the email.)

Troubleshooting Help

For any questions or concerns regarding the InfoLit Modules, do not hesitate to contact Research & Instruction Librarian, Jonah Lee Santiago-Fields. She is available via her direct line at 617-349-8862 and email at

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