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Visual Media: Finding & Citing

Resources for finding images and video, evaluating licenses, and citing

Here are some great places to start, when looking for images related to disability studies, but don't forget to explore the other resources in this guide too! For example if you're looking for pictures with a more medical perspective, click the Subject-Specific Collections tab and try the Anatomy or Medical databases.

Here are some photography projects and exhibits by artists hoping to raise awareness and remove the social stigma attached to disabilities.  You can also try adding words like "exhibit" "gallery" "archive" when you search Google for a topic!

Check out websites for organizations dedicated to disability rights. Even if they don't have searchable image databases, you'll find images scattered around their site.

Remember to evaluate the images you find. Ask yourself:

  • How are the people being portrayed?  
  • Did the subjects pose for the picture?
  • Does it look like anyone is being exploited or represented unfairly?
  • Did the people who created the image have a bias that shows? Were they trying to get an emotional reaction from you?
  • When was this image created?
  • Does the format/style of the image match the content?