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MFA Photography & Integrated Media

A guide to research and thesis writing for Lesley Art + Design students in the MFA Photography & Integrated Media program.

Step 1: Citation Information

If someone recommends a book to you, the first step in finding it is making sure you have all the citation information.  Did they give you the title of a book chapter, the book title, an author's name? Sometimes it's not clear. Google it, or find it on Amazon to get all the publication details, and try to find a table of contents to read online!

Step 2: Search for eBook

Google It: Once you have all the information about it, try Googling it with quotation marks around the title to see if you can find it free online.  Here are some book scanning projects that might have the chapter/book you need for free online:

Search Lesley's Catalog: Search for the book using the search box below. Search for the book title NOT the chapter title. If it doesn't come up, try searching for the author's name.  If you get a lot of irrelevant results mixed in, use the menu to the left of your search results to narrow your search to just eBooks!

Advanced Search

Step 3: Borrowing from Other Libraries

Go to search across all the schools you have access to (like Emerson, MassArt, etc.). Search for the book title, not the chapter title.

If you find it, put it on hold by clicking Make a Request in the right-hand menu. You can request books from any library and have them sent to Moriarty Library to pick-up!

If we don't have access to it, ask a librarian to double check! Use the contact info to the left (under the menu of this page) to reach out and ask someone to double check that we don't have a book.  If we really don't have it, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan!