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Chicago Style

This guide will provide you with links to useful online resources to help you cite accurately according to Chicago Manual of Style conventions.

An Introduction to Using the Notes and Bibliography System in Chicago Style

The Chicago Manual of Style offers a system for writers to document their sources using footnotes (or endnotes) in the text of their paper, and a bibliography at the end. This system is different from APA and MLA styles, which rely on parenthetical notes for crediting sources. In Chicago style, you will add a footnote (a small, superscripted number in the text of your paper, which corresponds to a note at the bottom of your page) each time you quote, paraphrase, summarize, or otherwise discuss a source.

Your bibliography, at the end of your paper, will provide your reader with a complete, alphabetical list of all the sources you cited in your notes, as well as (potentially) other sources that you read or consulted but did not have occasion to cite.

Please take a look at the links below for examples that will help you correctly format your notes and bibliographies in Chicago style.  Remember--your sources will be referenced in footnotes throughout your paper, as you cite them, and then again in your bibliography at the end of your paper.

Pay careful attention to the examples below--the format for referencing your source in your notes is different from the format for referencing the in the bibliography!

Remember, you can always Ask a Librarian for help with citations!

Chicago Manual of Style Online

Citing Primary Sources

Using primary sources in your research? Depending on the format of your source (is it a letter? a photograph? a film? a newspaper?), the format for citing it correctly in Chicago style may vary. Consult these guidelines from the Library of Congress on citing primary sources to make sure you are referencing your sources correctly!

Purdue OWL Chicago Style Guide

Find the Chicago Manual at Sherrill Library

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