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Native American Perspectives

Highlighting resources about Native American communities and issues. Created for the Cultural Literacy Curriculum Institute, Lesley University, 2014.

About this Libguide

In this libguide, you will find library resources featuring the diverse perspectives of Native Americans, represented in their own voices wherever possible.  

A word about language. I have chosen to use the term "Native Americans" to designate the populations as a whole. The terms "Indians" and "American Indians" are used in various sites linked from the libguide; "American Indians" and "Indians of North America" are common subject terms in library resources. I hope these linguistic variations will guide your research.

Featured Books by Dr. Cajete

National Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the
American Indian

Franklin Pierce peace medal (dated 1853) and pouch. Keshena, Menominee Reservation; Menominee County; Wisconsin; USA

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American Indian Issues
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