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Game Design

A research guide for the Game Design program at Lesley Art + Design

Finding Concept Art

When tracking down concept art, you want to make sure you're finding the original, authentic artwork.  Try finding the artwork on the artist's website/portfolio, the devblog or publisher's website, or the official art book for the game.

  • Try browsing the developer's website for old concept art, and concept art for future updates
  • Use a more informal catalog of artwork, like Creative Uncut, if you're just browsing around and don't need an official source
  • If you're googling around, try phrases like developer concept art to avoid fan concept art ideas, and include -pinterest as a search term (with the minus sign) to remove Pinterest results from your search result list

Types of Concept Art

Advanced Search

When searching the web and the Library collections, try combining terms like "video game design", "2D", "3D modelling" with terms like:

  • Character Design
    • Character assets 
  • Video Game Assets
    • Prop design
    • Weaponry
    • Isometric sprites
    • McGuffins
    • Pickups
  • Game Environment
    • Background design
    • Terrain design
    • Buildings and architecture
    • Interiors and furnishings

Or scroll through the recommended resources at the bottom of this page!

Recommended Resources