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Comics @ LA+D

Comics Collection @ Moriarty Library

Moriarty Library collects graphic novels and anthologies of comics, but we don't collect single issues of comics.  We also have books about comics which are also shelved in the Comics collection.

Search for certain topics within the Comics collection, or search for specific titles and creators using our FLO Catalog

FLO stands for Fenway Libraries Online and it includes results from all the local libraries we can borrow from.  See the instructions below for searching the catalog, limiting your search to the Comics collection, and placing holds on books from other libraries

How to Browse

Here's a basic breakdown of what the different call numbers mean. You'll find a call number for each book in the catalog, which is like it's address telling you where to look on the shelves.

  • Books about comics and comics history are shelved first, you'll find most of them in the first column of book shelves.
  • Comics and graphic novels are then arranged by country of publishing:
    • Call numbers starting with PN6725 - PN6728 are books published in the United States
    • Call numbers starting with PN6731 - PN6734 are books published in Canada
    • Call numbers starting with PN6735 - PN6738 are books published in Great Britain
    • Call numbers starting with PN6745 - PN6748 are books published in France
    • Call numbers starting with PN6755 - PN6758 are books published in Germany
    • Call numbers starting with PN6765 - PN6768 are books published in Italy
    • Call numbers starting with PN6775 - PN6778 are books published in Spain
    • Call numbers starting with PN6790 are books published in other countries, arranged alphabetically by country
  • When browsing the book published in the United States, also keep in mind:
    • Books with a call number starting with PN6727 are graphic novels written by individual authors and are arranged alphabetically by author last name.
    • Books with a call number starting with PN6728 are written by teams of people (for example superhero franchises) and are arranged alphabetically by title.

The oversized books that don't fit on the shelves are the ones laying flat (closest to the whiteboard), and they can all be checked out as well!