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Illustration Research

A research guide created for students in the illustration program at Lesley Art + Design

Reproduction of the original photographs by Eadweard Muybridge: Athletes walking high leap
Sequential projects are art forms that use images deployed in a specific order for the purposes of graphic storytelling or conveying information.  


Webcomics, thanks to their independent nature, are incredibly imaginative and varied.  Try searching around the web for web comics and any genres you like (thriller, action, romance, etc.).  The links below offer examples of sites that compile web comics in one place:


Zines are self-published booklets, typically folded and stapled copy paper, printed inexpensively for the purposes of disseminating information or sharing personal work. Zines are incredibly versatile. According to this article from the ZineWiki, they were associated with punk, feminism, science fiction "fanzines", and underground subcultures. The self-publishing aspect of the zine helped circulate movements and ideas.


Infographics combine text and images to communicate information.  Check out the resources below to find examples of infographics, data/statistical sources, and a video shared by an illustrator taking you through the process of creating an infographic:


Try searching for storyboarding topics in the library search bar, below, to find paid resources that are free to students.  You can also search the web using the same keywords, for example:

storyboarding storyboarding for ____(film, comics, etc) storyboard artist  storyboarding sequential projects



Try searching Google or a jobsite for storyboarding jobs to see the kinds of experience and portfolio they expect of their applicants! Check out the video below, as a storyboard artist explains their typical day.

Storyboarding Books