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Ecological Teaching and Learning

Library & Research Help

Searching Basics

Search for journal articles in Lesley education databases.

  • Choose keywords that represent the major concepts in your topic.
  • Use AND between keywords to narrow the search with different concepts.
  • Use OR between keywords to broaden the search with similar concepts. 
  • Use * (asterisk) to find words with different endings
    • child* = children, childhood, childish, etc.

ERIC: Search the Database

     Sample Search: ecolog* AND elementary AND class*

ProQuest Education Journals: Search the Database

     Sample Search: ecolog* OR environmental science* AND lesson plan*


BONUS: When you start out typing a keyword, and you place an "OR" after it, the @LL search will automatically offer suggestions for more keywords by autofill!  Neat, huh?

Use the Best Search Terms

Let the database thesaurus be your guide!

Many databases offer a Thesaurus or dictionary of subject terms. Look for the link at the top of the database screen.You will also see subject terms on the side of the results screen or on the abstract screen. 

ERIC: Search the Thesaurus

ProQuest Education Journals: Search the Thesaurus