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Photo Sophmore Concepts

Image Annotated Bibliography

Image Annotated Bibliography

  • Select 10 images to annotate, from at least from 5 photographers
  • For each photograph, write an annotation that includes a visual analysis of the photograph, its connect to your artwork, and how the images compares or contrasts to other photographs in your annotated bibliography.
  • You must include a thumbnail image AND a citation for each photograph

Info & Examples on Citing and Captioning

Guideline for constructing an image annotation.

A: Talk about the creator. (1 sentence)


Tell the audience about the creator in the first part of the annotation.


B: Explain what the photograph is about (visual analysis). (1-3 sentences)


Tell the audience about the artwork. This is the most difficult part of the annotation because it requires you to be very succinct. Just write the base facts and important notes about the work. Think about medium, year of production, type of photography, and the work's significance.


C: Explain how the photograph illuminates what your work is about. (1-2 sentences)


What about this photograph makes it relevant to your artwork? Why did you select it? What concepts relate to your photos? What pertinent bit of information makes this photograph stand out among the others?


D: Compare or contrast the photograph with another you have cited. (1-2 sentences)


How does this specific work relate to another photograph in your annotated bibliography? Do they agree or not? Why not? What makes them unique?