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Visual Literacy @ Lesley

Faculty Fellows and inFUSION Team:

  • Andre Ruesch: Photography
  • Matthew Nash: Digital Filmmaking
  • Heather Shaw: Design
  • Brandon Strathmann: Animation
  • Anthony Apesos: Fine Arts
  • Deborah Davidson: Fine Arts
  • Ellen Schön: Fine Arts
  • John Kim: Psychology
  • Liv Cummins: Drama & Creative Writing
  • Jim O’Keefe: Math
  • Janet Sauer: Education
  • Kazuyo Kubo: Social Sciences
  • E. Christopher Clark: Creative Writing
  • Oscar Palacio: Photography
  • Kimberly Lowe: History
  • Albert Liau: Natural Sciences
  • Robyn BelaireLIS
  • Micki Harrington: Art Librarian
  • Gene Diaz: Creativity Commons
  • Kristina Lamour Sansone: Associate Dean LUCAD
  • Bruce Logan: Associate Dean CLAS
  • Martha McKenna: Creativity Commons
  • Linda Pursley: Assessment and Evaluation

Project Details

Thanks to a Davis Educational Foundation grant, faculty fellows attended a visual literacy institute before pairing up to work on year-long pedagogical projects.  
Fellows from the College of Art and Design paired with fellows from the College of Arts and Sciences to help each other develop and implement lessons in their classroom.  Faculty fellows found this collaborative experience to be very rewarding!

In the second year of the grant, the faculty fellows reached out to their colleagues across the University to share what they learned and continue to brainstorm.  The Lesley University Library offered visual literacy instruction and developed resources to support faculty and students in their use of visual information.

Conference/Next Steps

Lesley University hosted the 49th Annual International Visual Literacy Association Conference, in September 2017. For more information on the conference, visit their website!

Designing Visual Literacy Experiences: 49th Annual International Visual Literacy Association Conference