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Exporting Your Library

You may decide that you want to try out another citation manager, and if that happens, you can easily export your Zotero library. You can also import from other citation managers to Zotero, or import generic formats.



  1. From the Zotero desktop application, right click on your library and select Export Library.... You can also export specific collections with right click + Export Collection...
  2. Choose the format you want your export to take; most common citation mangers are listed. If in doubt, check the documentation for the citation manager you want to export to. The default option, RIS, is a fairly standard citation manager format.
  3. Select OK. Your export will be created!



  1. Zotero's documentation includes step-by-step instructions for Importing Records from EndNote as well as other citation managers; if you want to import from a different manager, these instructions will be the most useful.
  2. You can also import standard reference formats such as RIS; when in doubt, exporting as RIS from one manager and importing that into Zotero is a convenient option.
  3. To import your files, simply open the Zotero application and select File and then Import. Select your file from your computer and watch your new library grow!