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Test Collection Guide

Access to Tests

How to arrange test access for you and your students

    Each Semester, Faculty submit a completed Test Access Form (bottom) for each class section that needs access to the Test Collection. The easiest way is to copy and paste your roster.

    For students who are added late to the roster, an email to from the faculty member will suffice to authorize the student. Alternatively, a faculty member may come to the information desk to arrange access for an individual student. Students who are not listed on the Test Access Form for their respective section may not view assessments.

    Faculty who wish to use tests in class - especially those meeting evening and weekends - please send a request to Allow 2 business days to make these arrangements. Please limit the number of tests to those that can reasonably be used/shared by students during your class period as we are unable to pull large numbers. One guideline would be to reserve one test per student over a weekend. That should enable everyone to review several tests, perhaps sharing them with classmates.

    Requests submitted during the weekend may not be available until Monday. In this case, please check with the circulation desk on arrival for special arrangements. Test reservations received by email will be confirmed by email.

    Please note: Once a test is reserved, by student or faculty member, the library will not override that reservation under any circumstances.

    Library hours - the library is closed on Sunday mornings and is closed all day Sundays in August. Hours also vary during holiday periods and intercessions:

    Tests must be viewed in the library and may not be photocopied.

    Tests are for examination only and may not be used for clinical purposes.

    The online form (right) may be submitted electronically. If needed, you may instead send your class roster and list of assessments that students may view by email to:

Test Access Form

Complete and submit this form to reserve tests for your class. 

We will verify that all the tests are in order and send a confirmation email when everything is all set for your students.

Refresh this page for a new form for a second section of your course.

Where to Pick-Up Tests

With advance notice, the tests you have requested for your class will be pulled beforehand. You may pick them up at the Information Desk on the first floor of Sherrill Library.

Faculty will be asked to present a valid Lesley ID to borrow the tests.

Test Bookmarks

These bookmarks summarize how to reserve and use tests. Ask the library for copies or download and print for your class.

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