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Global Social Change

Search Tips

Use AND and OR to make database searches more effective.

Connect different terms with AND

  • war AND children
  • women AND migration

Connect similar terms with OR

  • emigration OR immigration
  • transnational OR international

Search for variant endings with truncation:

The truncation symbol is usually an asterisk * in the databases.

  • global* = global, globalize, globalization, etc.
  • immigra* = immigrant, immigration, immigrate, etc.

Combine AND and OR in a single search, using parentheses to group your terms, like an equation. This is sometimes called nesting or grouping:

  • Thailand AND (women's rights OR women's movement)

Note that some databases require quotation marks around any terms you want to search as a phrase:

  • "water resources" AND "El Salvador"

Subject terms: When you find a relevant article, look at the subject terms (sometimes called descriptors) that are used to describe it. They may be useful in a new search.

Research Tutorials

Searchpath Library Tutorial

Sharpen Your Research Skills

Searchpath opening page

Module 2: Choosing a Topic - how to refine your search for better results.

Module 4: Finding Articles - how to search a library database

Article Databases

To find articles on your topic, search the library databases

General Databases:

Specialized Databases:

* Tip: You can cross-search these EBSCO databases. From within one database, click the "Choose databases" link, above to the search box, and check the boxes to add additional databases to your search.


Find a Database by Name or Subject/Discipline

Lesley Partners with Google Scholar

On-campus users at Lesley University will see additional links in Google Scholar search results which facilitate access to Lesley's resources.

Off-campus users will need to configure your affiliation:

  • To set your preferences, click on Scholar Preferences (
  • Type "Lesley" in the 'Library Links' section and select "
  • Click Save preferences.
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