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Global Social Change

Search Tips

Use AND and OR to make database searches more effective.

Connect different terms with AND

  • war AND children
  • women AND migration

Connect similar terms with OR

  • emigration OR immigration
  • transnational OR international

Search for variant endings with truncation:

The truncation symbol is usually an asterisk * in the databases.

  • global* = global, globalize, globalization, etc.
  • immigra* = immigrant, immigration, immigrate, etc.

Combine AND and OR in a single search, using parentheses to group your terms, like an equation. This is sometimes called nesting or grouping:

  • Thailand AND (women's rights OR women's movement)

Note that some databases require quotation marks around any terms you want to search as a phrase:

  • "water resources" AND "El Salvador"

Subject terms: When you find a relevant article, look at the subject terms (sometimes called descriptors) that are used to describe it. They may be useful in a new search.

Try using some of these search words in Lesley Library's @LL Search, your one stop shop for searching within all of Lesley's holdings for relevant material. For more search tips, look here.

Advanced Search


To search within specialized databases, consider the following:

* Tip: You can cross-search these EBSCO databases. From within one database, click the "Choose databases" link, above to the search box, and check the boxes to add additional databases to your search.

Find a Database by Name or Subject/Discipline.

If you require an article that is not within Lesley's or FLO's collection, try requesting through InterLibrary Loan. Make sure you look through Lesley's full ILL policy beforehand.

Lesley Partners with Google Scholar

On-campus users at Lesley University will see additional links in Google Scholar search results which facilitate access to Lesley's resources.

Off-campus users will need to configure your affiliation:

  • To set your preferences, click on Scholar Preferences (
  • Type "Lesley" in the 'Library Links' section and select "
  • Click Save preferences.
Google Scholar Search