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Zine Collection

All zines, all the time!

Zines are an informal mode of self-expression well-suited to the philosophy of community-building at Lesley University. The Sherrill Library Zine Collection gathers the diverse ideas, experiences, interests, and personal histories of our community and presents them as both a browsing collection and a collection that is preserved in the University Archives.

Our Location

The browsable Zine Collection is located on the first-floor of Sherrill Library, located at 89 Brattle St. in Cambridge, MA:

Zine Collection area

Zine-making supplies and information are located in our Makerspace on the lower-level: 

photo of makerspace

Our Makerspace Kit is available for short-term checkout from the first-floor Info Desk with a valid Lesley ID card:

We also have many books to help you get started on projects, whether you're interested in bookbinding, zine-making, art journaling, collage, altered books, or something else:

photo of bookshelf with creativity books on it

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