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Conducting Additional Research

  • Almost there! Your rough draft is completed by now, but you may have made a few claims in the paper that need additional support.
  • Don’t panic! The great thing about late-stage research is that you know precisely what you’re looking for, and probably have a good idea of where to find it.
  • What do you need? What sort of information do you need to complete your work? Statistics? You might want to look into government or advocacy groups. Statements or claims? You can look through an article that you've already used for more ideas. Take a look at the list of works cited at the end of articles that you read to see if there are other articles referenced there that sound interesting or important to your research. See the video below on how to track those articles down at library, using the Journals List.

Resources for Finding Statistics

These are just a few examples of online resources for statistics.  If you need help finding data to support the claims you want to make in a paper, please Ask Us!