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Muslim-American Perspectives

Diversity of Muslim Cultures in America

Asalaam Alaykum

This libguide celebrates the beauty, challenges and diversity of Muslim cultures in America.  It offers doorways into national and ethnic identities, the lives of women and young people, immigrants and American-born Muslims. It honors perspectives in their own voices where possible.

The goal is to inspire thought and conversation, and to familiarize people with library resources. Because of the breadth of the topic, it is not possible to be comprehensive or international in scope.


Internet Links

Because of the disparity of Muslim American cultures, it is "highly problematic to speak of any single Muslim-American community." (Skerry, 2011) These articles and web sites explore various aspects of American Muslim diversity.

What do people most misunderstand about Islam? Streaming Video

American Muslim Teens Talk - Streaming Video

American Muslim Teens Talk

American Muslim Teens Talk, Islam Project (New York, NY: Independent Production Fund, 2004), 32 mins

American Muslim young people in high school and college talk about their experiences living in two cultures - friendship, dating, resolving differences in parent expectations and American life.

More streaming videos from Alexander Street Press:

The American Muslim experience by the Islam Project. Independent Production Fund, 2002, 24-minute overview of Islam and the story of a Muslim American family grappling with values and lifestyle.'

Muslims in Love, directed by Sarah Zerina Usmen (New York, NY: Filmakers Library, 2010), 25 mins - Views on dating and marriage from young American Muslims of different cultures.

Muslim Voices

Muslim Voices is a forum that promotes intercultural dialog and understanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims. Sponsored by Indiana University.

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