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Integrated Drama in Education

Resources that support drama-based approaches to education. Includes links to journal articles, books, videos, lesson plans, websites, and presentation tools.

Staging STEM -- Theatre Arts Integration -- Alley Theatre

Classroom Resources

The Sherrill Library has a special resource for educators, therapists, counselors to use called the Teaching Resource Center, which is a collection of manipulatives, textbooks, picture books, leveled readers and juvenile fiction and non fiction.

The most effective way to search the collection is to go to the FLO catalog, select the "Advanced Search" option and scroll down the "Location" tab option to find "Lesley-Sherrill Teaching Resources Collection".  Once you have that highlighted, go back above to the search box and start searching!



Manipulatives refer to various objects or materials that students can touch and move around in order to help them learn key educational or social/emotional concepts.

Drama in the primary school: Creative drama and improvised movement for children.

200+ ideas for drama

Storytelling glove and puppets [kit]