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Art Based Research

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Finding Arts Based Research

How can I find Art-Based Research?
Looking for readings on ABR within a specific topic or field? Try searching for more resources using keywords like "art based research" or "art based inquiry" AND the topic of your choice. Refer to the list of potential keywords below to help begin your search for ABR. 

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Getting Started: Keywords for Research

Suggested keywords for researching Art Based Research.

Identifying Art Based Research

How can I identify Art-Based Research?
Perhaps most important to note is that ABR can be found under many names. Below is a working list of the different terms used to describe the use of art and art-making in the research process.

Partial lexicology of terms for arts-based research
A/r/tography Arts-based educational research (ABER)
Alternative forms of represatation Arts-based health research (ABHR)
Aesthetically based research Arts-Based Research Practices
Aesthetic research practice Arts-Informed Inquiry
Arts as inquiry Arts-Informed Research
Art practice as research Critical Arts-Based Inquiry
Arts-based enquiry Living Inquiry
Art-Based Inquiry Performative Inquiry
Art-Based Research Practice-Based Research
Artistic Inquiry Research-Based Art (RBA)
Arts-based research (ABR) Research-Based Practice
Arts based social research (ABSR) Scholartistry
Arts-based qualitative inquiry Transformative Inquiry through Art
Arts in qualitative research  


The best way to identify ABR is to head directly to a study's "methodology" section. This section will describe the process in which the study was conducted and data was gathered. Should the language include the use or making of art, it is very likely ABR.

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Suggested Databases for Searching (Specialized)

Suggested Databases for Searching (Interdisciplinary)