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Resources for Arts Professionals

This is an evolving guide that provides new and aspiring arts professionals with information about funding, jobs, residencies, workshops, and other useful "professional development" resources.

Pricing Based on Licensing

The terms of a license can dictate how much you should charge for something. For example, consider:

  • Am I selling ownership of this image, so I can no longer use it myself?
  • Am I only selling usage rights, so that I can keep ownership?
  • What are the terms of the usage rights, how long do they have usage rights, where, and how much money will they be making?

Search the web for up-to-date information, ask fellow illustrators what they consider when pricing artwork, and check out these resources:

Legal Resources

Search the web for "legal resources", your geographic area, and your artistic medium to find resources local to you.  Here are some examples:

Reporting Copyright Infringement on Social Media

Search the web for "copyright infringement" and the name of the app/website to see if they have a form you can fill out, or if there are options to report specific posts.  For example:

Fan Art & Copyright