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Summer Reading

A guide for incoming students reading the book Just Kids

Catalog Searching

Go to and type some keywords into the search bar. Try:

  • Mapplethorpe
  • Patti Smith
  • Hotel Chelsea
  • Punk Rock

You'll see a bunch of results:

  •  eBooks and physical books
  •  Streaming movies and DVDs
  •  Teaching kits/materials

You'll also see materials at other schools, which you can put on hold and have delivered to Lesley for you! Notice which colleges' books you have access to:


Filtering Results

Use the filter menu (right-hand side of your search results page) to limit your results to only E-books and E-journals that are available at Lesley Moriarty or Lesley Sherrill (your two Lesley libraries). Try limiting your search results by clicking the filters pointed out below:

Reading eBooks

Click on one of your search results and then click Show Full Record to see the table of contents
Click the link that says Lesley to access the eBook!

Search for eBooks you can access now from home!