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Summer Reading

A guide for incoming students reading the book Just Kids

Why not Google Images?

When you do a Google Image search:

  • You can't be sure the images are by the artist you searched, sometimes they are just on the same page that mentions your artist
  • You get a lot of different versions of the same work: different lighting, different coloring, different cropping. Which one is the most accurate representation of the actual work of art?
  • You don't know how to cite the image, or if the person who published that pic really had the rights to do so

Instead of a Google Image search, use Artstor!
The library pays for this database of high-quality images.

Go to and search for Robert Mapplethorpe

Double click on an image to look closer (make sure you don't have pop-ups blocked)

Click the + icon to zoom in on your image.  Click the i icon to get more info about it.

Finding Videos

You can find a lot of great stuff on YouTube, but you might also want to try searching Kanopy, a streaming movie service we provide.  Click this link and browse around to find great full-length films!