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Resources for Distance Library Users

Accessing Online Library Materials

Think you need to be on campus to access library resources? Nope! You can access our online resources from anywhere in the world! The most important thing to know about accessing materials is how to log in. If you're logged in, you'll have full-text access to thousands of eBooks, tens of thousands of journals, and hundreds of thousands of articles! If you aren't, you're going to hit a lot of paywalls.

When you start a new search in @LL Search, you should be prompted with a big yellow bar on the results page that looks like this:

Search results page with yellow login bar

Click on that bar to log in each time you are prompted with it, even if you logged in just yesterday, or have kept the tab in your browser open. If you are having trouble accessing materials and you are not prompted with that bar, check out our troubleshooting tips. Clearing your cache is the most common solution to that problem. For low residency students, especially those with a big time zone difference, your "study time" may be 2:00 AM in Cambridge, so going through these troubleshooting steps may help you gain access when you need it the most, without having to wait for an email back! 

Accessing Non-Digital (i.e. Print Only) Resources

Is what you need in the print collection at Lesley, and you're more than 30 miles from campus? We can still get you an article from a print journal, or a single chapter from a print book, using Inter-Library Loan! Note that this service takes approximately 3 business days, and that we cannot scan entire books.

If you need an entire book and live in Massachusetts but can't make it to Lesley, you can request it through the Commonwealth Catalog and have it sent to your nearest library in the system, such as a public library.

If you don't live in Massachusetts, you can always check your nearest public library. Many public libraries offer some sort of InterLibrary Loan service, where you can borrow from libraries in the same consortium, district or state, or through WorldCat. To have a book delivered to your local library, you'll want to make the request through the library you want to pick up at, even if Lesley has the book. Look for "InterLibrary Loan" on your library's website, or inquire about borrowing there. If you're not sure where your nearest public library is, check WorldCat!