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CWYW: Cite While You Write

Cite While You Write = CWYW

CWYW allows you to insert a citation as you type your paper in Microsoft Word.   Requires a toolbar – see instructions on the Download the MS Word Toolbar tab. Screenshots of toolbars for MS Word Mac and PC are below.

 To find and cite your source: 

  1. Position the cursor where you want to insert the citation and choose Find Citation from the Endnote Web toolbar. 
  2. Search for the author or a key word from the reference you wish to cite.  Highlight the entry on the list.
  3. Click Insert.  Endnote Web will automatically create both the in-text citation and the reference list entry.
  4. Insert a page break before the reference list entry and add “References” as the title of the page.  Endnote Web will now build your reference list, adding any additional items you cite to this same page.

Toolbar Image from MS Word for mac 

   endnote web toolbar for MS Word 2003  

Toolbar Image from MS Word for Windows PC

       endnote web toolbar for MS Word 2007 


    Adding page numbers for quotations

    1.  Click on the parenthetical to which you would like to add the page number.
    2.  Choose Edit Citation from the Endnote Web toolbar.
    3.  Type the page number of the quote in the Pages box and click OK.

             insert a page number

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