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Fall 2020: Sherrill and Moriarty Library are closed as part of the Lesley University COVID-19 response.  Please visit us online through our library website and via our Ask-A-Librarian service, and see our Fall 2020 Remote Services Guide.


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Exporting Your Library

At the Lesley University Library, we always say that the best tool is the tool you're going to use. If you'd like to try out another citation manager, it's fairly simple to export your EndNote Basic library. If you were previously using another citation manager and would like to try EndNote, you can do that as well!


  1. From EndNote Basic, go to the Format tab and then Export References.
  2. Decide which references you want to export, and select the Export Style. We've found that RefMan (RIS) Export is fairly friendly to most other citation managers like Zotero.
  3. Follow your new citation manager's instructions for importing from another library; when in doubt, you can always look for "_____ import EndNote" on your search engine of choice!
  4. You can also use this to send the contents of a group to someone who isn't an EndNote user; simply select that group from the References dropdown and email them the file.



  1. To import from another library to EndNote, create an .RIS file or other export file according to your current citation manager's instructions.
  2. Navigate to Collect and then Import References.
  3. Select your import option; RefMan (RIS) tends to work for .RIS files.
  4. Select the group to import your new files into, choose New group to create a new group for your import, or [Unfiled] to put them in your general library.
  5. Select Import. You've just successfully migrated your references!

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