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Organizing Your References

You can organize references on EndNote Basic by creating either a Quick List or a Group. A Quick List really does what it says on the tin; you can create a list, but it is only good for your active session in EndNote; once you log out, the Quick List is cleared. If you need to put together a bibliography to print for class, and class starts in half an hour, Quick List is your friend. Otherwise, Groups are recommended for long-term organization. The process is very similar for both options.


  1. Open EndNote Basic and navigate to My References.
  2. Check the box next to the reference(s) you want to add to a Quick List or Group.
  3. To add to a Quick List, select the box above your references that says Add to Quick List.
  4. To add to a Group, navigate to the dropdown above your references that says Add to group.... From here, you can add to an existing group or select New group. Give your group a title, and save!

Sharing Your Groups

EndNote Basic also allows you to share your groups. Note that this will not share attachments, simply the citation information. You can share a group with Read Only access, so they can only see the group, or Read & Write access, which allows the user to make changes to the group. EndNote Groups can be shared with users at any institution, provided that you have their email address.



  1. To share a group in EndNote Basic, navigate to Organize and then Manage My Groups.
  2. From there, you should see a list of groups you have created. Next to the group you want to share, select Manage Sharing.
  3. Add the email address(es) for the user(s) you want to share your group with, select which permissions you want to grant, and hit Apply.
  4. Your group is now shared! Optional last step: EndNote does not send email notifications to users when they've had a group shared, so you may want to give your new group members a heads up that you've shared the group by.....



  1. Navigate to My References. On the side panel under My Groups, there should be a second category for Groups Shared by Others.
  2. For an overview of your shared groups, navigate to Organize and then Others' Groups. You should have a list of groups shared with you as well as the number of references in the group and the group owner.


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