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Summer 2020 Residencies

@LL search

@ll search is Lesley University Library's online catalog that integrates all available print and electronic resources into one searchable location. Think of @LL Search as the library's very own search engine; like Google or Ecosia, @LL Search will look through and pull results from every journal and database that we have access to to find relevant resources for your research. This makes it the best place to search for research materials. You can find @LL Search in the front page of the Lesley Library website, or by clicking here.

Searching through @LL Search can often be as easy as typing in the title of the specific article you're looking for, or inputting keywords related to your research!

Finding Articles: databases & journals

If you are looking for discipline specific resources, you may want to try searching some of the selections in our databases. You can also search for specific journals by going to our journals list, where you can see publications and the date ranges through which we offer access.

You can also search Google Scholar for articles. By default, Google Scholar will show you what is publicly available through an institutional repository or publisher or author's site, usually by displaying "[PDF]" to the right of the title. You can integrate the access you have to pay walled material as a Lesley student using Library Links, which allows you to combine what you may find through Google with what you can access through Lesley. Google Scholar and @LL Search use slightly different search algorithms, so an article may be higher in the results on one platform than another. By using Library Links, you can maximize what you can discover through Google Scholar.

InterLibrary Loan

If you are looking for a resource that the library does not have access to, you can try requesting for it via InterLibrary Loan! Note that due to COVID-19, ILL requests may take a little longer than the usual 7-10 business days of processing, as many lending libraries are without access to their physical collection and thus cannot quickly make scans, if at all. Know that you will always be informed if a request can be fulfilled or not.


Before you place a request: First, please be sure to review our full ILL Policy.


Then, be sure what you need isn't already in our collection or available for free on the Internet:

  • If you need a book or book chapter, article, conference proceeding, or audiovisual media, type the title into our @LL Search discovery tool to make sure the Lesley Library does't have access to it.
  • If you a need thesis or dissertation, check our theses and dissertations databases to see if it's there.
  • For all material, check Google Scholar to see if an Open Access copy is available.

How to place a request:

research help





Stuck with your research? Can’t find sources? Can’t get started? Whether it’s for an assignment, internship, or project, we’ve got you covered. Nothing is too big or small, and we genuinely love working with you. Due to the pandemic, please be patient with our response time!


Submit a Research Consultation Request to set up a meeting with a librarian, the ultimate research pro!