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I Am Looking For A Specific Article

1. Search @LL Search.

Most of our articles can be found using our Library's search tool @LL Search, which searches all library resources including databases, journals, and articles. If you know the article you're looking for, simply paste the title in @LL Search and go! If we have the article, it will (likely) be in first few search results! If that doesn't work....


2. Search via journal. Though rare, there are times when a specific article we have access to will not show up in @LL Search. This can be for any number of technical reasons. If you've searched @LL Search and your article isn't showing up, try searching for the journal's title on our Journals List. From there, be sure to select the link that has dates inclusive of your article (if there are multiple links). You should be able to navigate to the volume and issue your article was published in, or search from the journal's site. Alternately....


 Screenshot of a journal search by title


3. Search Google Scholar.


If you can't locate the item in @LL Search, try Google Scholar. Be sure to enable Library Links so you can combine the nearly-all-encompassing powers of Google Scholar's search with your Lesley Access. Look to the link on the right of the article, such as the "[HTML]" link below, as that is where your full-text options will be.

Screenshot of a known item search on Google Scholar


4. When this happens, feel free to email us! We want to make @LL Search as comprehensive as possible, and it helps to know when it's not. If you still can't find the article through these methods, you may be eligible to request it through Interlibrary Loan. Do not pay for individual articles — you are already paying for access with your Lesley tuition!



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